hi guys.hi.hiiiiiiiii have some very exciting news to share with you today.SHATTER ME has a brand new cover.i know a lot of people hate it when covers get redone, but believe it or not, it’s always done for a good reason. for us, it was no different. as much as we loved the original cover for SHATTER ME, we felt like it wasn’t properly reflecting the book and the feel of the story, especially as we moved forward in the series. so we tried something new.and this new cover. gah, guys, it’s ridiculous how much i love this new cover. because it’s so… different.it’s strange. it’s weird and beautiful and kind of unexpected and highly metaphorical in its representation. it’s basically like the inside of Juliette’s head. in fact, everything about it — every detail — is significant to the story. this cover feels so right to me. i’m crazy, crazy in love with it, and i really hope you guys like it, too!this new cover will be hitting shelves in paperback on October 16, 2012 (same release date as DESTROY ME! ee!), so you’ll be able to see it in all its shiny printed glory. also, this new style will be reflected in all of the books in the series, and, as DESTROY ME will be out in about four months, and UNRAVEL ME three months after that, i will have two more covers to share with you this month, so i’ll be back with more, very soon!
BRB OFF TO HUG MY COMPUTER.also: i’m finishing up the third book right now, but i’m almost done! so i will be back soon. promises.hearts, you guys.ALL THE HEARTS.